15 Penny Lane, Moncton NB
Mon-Fri 10:00am - 6:00pm
15 Penny Ln, Moncton
M-F 10-6


“The real key to health and happiness and success is self knowledge”


This quote identifies much of the motivation behind our Seminar Session and the need to teach and spread understanding and awareness about health.

These Seminars allow for additional information and detail that consultation sessions are unable to provide due to time limitations. This is a platform to understand health issues, how a natural approach can have a big impact. Knowledge of the process will give courage and motivation to address problems confidently and efficiently.

Dr. Ravi Kancharla began a non-profit organization to promote education and health issues from his practice in Moncton, Canada. Since this began, he has given lectures on various subjects, and over 80 different topics. Additionally, he has conducted workshops about natural medicine. Dr. Ravi Kancharla has spent time giving similar talks at various organizations by invitation, such as Oulton College (Moncton), Arthritis Society, Chron’s and Colitis, UPC and other groups. 


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