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Homeopathy Health Plus

Complete Natural Health Clinic

At Homeopathy Health Plus, treatments are uniquely designed for you. Homeopathy is an effective, natural and complete system of medicine that supports, balances, and stimulate your body defense systems to fight sickness. Dr. Ravi Kancharla will address your health in the following manner: (a) addressing present health issues while considering your whole body, (b) repair and recover from the damage, (c) supporting your system to maintain optimum health.

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Our Story

Dr. Ravi Kancharla’s passion for Homeopathy & Naturopathy began at a young age. With the encouragement and support of his family, he fostered a strong foundation of education and experience.

Educated in programme equivalent to medical degree specializing in natural treatment and medications
Worked under a cardiologist and a general surgeon
25 years of service in Canada
170+ seminars
10,000 happy clients
Clients from over 15 countries

Widely Recognized

Dr. Ravi Kancharla operates a widely recognized Homeopathic clinic that includes natural health services, a natural health pharmacy, consultations, diet modification and monitoring for a variety of conditions.

Heal Naturally

Homeopathic medicine treats the whole person, taking into consideration the emotional, physical and mental aspects of each individual. Clients are educated on how the body can heal naturally using natural substances to stimulate the immune system with no nasty side effects.

Strengthen Your Immunity

Dr. Ravi Kancharla can help you re-evaluate your diet and find the right nutritional balance that will boost your immune system to fight against sickness or disease.

What is Homeopathy?

Natural & Complete System of Medicine

Natural Homeopathic Treatments

Improve Your Body: Improve Your Condition

Homeopathy is an effective, natural and complete system of medicine that supports, balances, and stimulate your body defense systems to fight sickness. Complete method of treatments include Homeopathic Remedies which will help at the cellular level, Supplements to support and heal the problem quick and Diet modifications to eliminate damaging factors. This will help to restore complete Health.

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Supplement Regimens

Help you recover naturally and faster

The supplements recommended by Dr. Ravi Kancharla would be provided specifically for your situation and condition.  Supplements are recommended to support your body and heal the problem quickly. Supplements along with Homeopathic Medicine and Diet modifications, Dr. Ravi will help you achieve optimum health.

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Nutrition and Diet

Your Whole System

Nutrition is of the utmost importance for the body to be healthy and have the ability to fight any disease or condition, including the prevention of certain health issues. With a focus on nutrition along with Homeopathic Medicine and Supplements, Dr. Ravi will help you achieve optimum health.

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Lifestyle Coaching

At Homeopathy Health Plus, coaching is a solution focused process, where you discover what you want and are motivated to overcome challenges by determining the clear steps you need to take to successfully get to your goals. Importantly, the focus remains on the end results and how these results will produce peace, joy, and new zest for life.

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We’re here not only to help you find wellness – we’re helping you understand your whole self to a deeper level. When you have self-knowledge, you have the courage and motivation to address your problems with confidence.

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Years of experience in Canada




Clients in over 15 countries


Happy Clients

What Our Patients Are Saying


“Ravi has been my Homeopathic doctor since 2007. He has been amazing for me during this time. He is a very caring, humble, intuitive doctor who treats the symptoms, not the condition. He goes to the root of my health issues. I feel so blessed to have him as my doctor!”

“Been with Dr. Ravi 18 years and will recommend him any time, he works with your physical and emotional issues/pains so you can heal physically and emotionally, he is very knowledgeable of all aspects of the functioning of the human body, very kind, very humble and wants the best for you as long as it takes.”

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