Testaments to Our Success

Mary R.P.

With help, knowledge and homeopathy medications by  Ravi Kancharla, I am a different person now.”

Patty B. (Athlete)

“Ravi Kancharla helped me very much. I went for a period of two years with out having to take antibiotics [for throat infection]. He continues to help me.”

Bernice (Amherst, NS)

“I was at the end of my hope. Now I feel like living again. I was not able to exercise not even to go for a walk now I walk every day that I get the opportunity to do so.”

Christina (Teacher)

“I still keep in touch with Ravi Kancharla. Through e-mail he guides me to the right medication for me to deal with any health problem I have. I am now healthier than I have ever been before.”

Dianne (Support Worker)

“I was taken off of one of my diabetic medications after a year my treatment began. Recently blood work revealed that all of my tests results were normal. My family doctor was amazed at the test results and said that whatever I was doing to keep it up.”


"I decided to see Ravi Kancharla after being recommended by a good friend. This is the first year… No Allergy pills or Nose spray!! What a relief."

Kelly H. (RCMP)

“After seeing Ravi Kancharla for 2 years, I do not have any seasonal allergies no more tonsillitis and almost no acne.”

Christina (Teacher)

“Through homeopathic medications we started a remedy that not only cured my sinus infection but actually controlled my allergies much better than anything else I had tried before without any of the unpleasant side effects.”

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