For several years I read books on homeopathy and natural healing, while in Florida. As I was on many medications I spent most of my day scheduling medicines and taking them, which was not making me feel any better. From what I read it was time to see a homeopathy doctor. When I got home form Florida, I went and talked to my family doctor. I saw Ravi Kancharla the later parts of April 2002. Spend some time with him. I was greatly relieved and enlightened as I was on nine medication and felt I was on one. Six months are longer then necessary. I do realize what is good for one person may not be good for some one else. Ravi Kancharla explained he would be treating my whole body and not just one part. What a wonderful thing, as I had so many problems besides medications.

1. 9 medications, 

2. Lung problem

3. Bladder problem

4. IBS/ Lactose intolerance

5. Sleeping problems

6. Stress problems

7. Allergy problems

After approximately one and a half years of treatment by Ravi Kancharla this is how I stand now.

1. Medications — taking 3 and Homeopathic Eye drops.

2. Lung problems are cleared

3. Bladder control is great now. When I was forty years old I had a bladder repair and at approximately eight years later I had another bladder lift. In 1994 my bladder got worse again, this time when it was sever I tried Kegal exercise and physiotherapy which did not do the job for me. In 2000 I was put on cumodex, an anticoagulant, my urologist would not operate because of the danger of bleeding too much. I tried to get two doctors to take me of Comdex, but will not do so. Using up to four pads a day, and very depressed, until help from homeopathy came things were bad, but now they are good. Very occasionally I slip back, but with help it is brought back again. Oh, by the way I actually ran one third of the Coliseum parking lot (Moncton sports stadium) this week, not possible since 1994, felt wonderful.

4. IBS/ Lactose intolerant: as I am on medication I have to deal with constipation quite often but I was put on a diet and homeopathy medications, I am just fine now with that problem.

5.Sleeping was always a problem getting only one or two nights sleep a week, now I miss only occasionally, reversed to what it was.

6. Stress: Can deal with stress much easier now, there is some stress I feel I cannot change because of our life style or way of life, a change would be drastic one.

7 Allergies: no longer have those terrible sinus allergy head aches lasting two or three days at least twice in ten days.

With all these problems I had my quality of life was a serious one. With help, knowledge and homeopathy medications by Ravi Kancharla, I am a different person now. I thank you Ravi Kancharla from the bottom of my heart.” – Mary R.P.