Nutrition is of utmost importance for the body to be healthy and have the ability to fight any disease or condition, including the prevention of certain health issues. With a focus on nutrition, we are able to minimize and eliminate some cases of hereditary health issues.

When your body has poor nutrition you are at a major disadvantage with your ability to fight disease and sickness. Natural remedies provide an added advantage when partnered with good nutrition. During consultations, nutrition would be a large factor to discuss.


To achieve optimal nutrition in your body, Ravi Kancharla would spend time focusing on your personal diet. Certain conditions and symptoms can be easily eliminated by changing diet alone. In certain cases, we gain a major advantage to achieve optimum health with adjustments to diet versus other natural remedies.

Ravi Kancharla can provide you with special diets, customized to optimize your goals. For example, in weight related issues in a patient past a certain age, or with health conditions like menopause, as well as child birth thyroid related weight gain and post-medication weight gain.

There is no one diet solution for everyone, Ravi Kancharla has designed more than 70 different diet programs that are customized to the individual patients body, time, and condition needing treatment.

Following a preliminary diet modification, Ravi Kancharla will evaluate the progress to gain further understanding into how the patients system is responding and modify the diet program accordingly, which may also include a variety of cleansing diets to optimize metabolic rate.


Obviously supplements are supplementary, meaning we only take them when theyre needed. Theyre intended to help you recover naturally, but faster.

The supplements recommended by Ravi Kancharla would be provided specifically for your situation and condition. Supplements that fit all of one popular vitamin (to cure all) are discouraged. When receiving supplements at the advice of Ravi Kancharla, your symptoms and condition are monitored and when improvement is seen, supplements are adjusted to decrease accordingly (and in most cases, eventually discontinued).

Depending on your condition and specific need, it maybe recommended that you continue to take supplements longer to keep your health optimum.

The support of good supplements can often provide quick results.