At Homeopathy Health Plus coaching is a solution focused process, where you discover what you want and are motivated to overcome challenges by determining the clear steps you need to take to successfully get to your goals. Importantly, the focus remains on the end results, and how these end results will produce peace, joy and new zest for life.

Physical Health

Your physical well being is of utmost importance and while Homeopathy Health Plus does help many individuals overcome sickness and disease, we also help you come to into better physical well being to further prevent sickness. Ravi Kancharla will help guide you through what modifications of habits as well as teach you to learn and adapt to new habits to achieve optimum health.

Mental Health

During coaching with Ravi Kancharla youre motivated to reach your goals, and to experience the best of yourself, both physically and emotionally. Mental well being is a large part of who you are; stress and worry generate major health issues that can be eliminated with our strategic process.

At homeopathy health plus, we treat the whole person, and when it comes to counselling for a better lifestyle, a similar precedent takes place. Our methods and techniques help you achieve your personal goals and while encouraging your body and mind into a healthier state of being.

When youre healthy and happy, youre empowered to achieve other personal goals in relationships, family, career and community.